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Helpful Hints

1) Keep your filter clean. 

Check monthly.  Niceley's stocks all sizes and types.


2) Seal your home. 

Check doors and windows for cracks and seal as needed.  Caulk and install weather strip as needed.


3) Install a Programmable thermostat. 

The Department of Energy states a programmable thermostat will pay for itself within 1 year.  We carry a full line of easy to use and easy to install thermostats.  Not sure how to install one?  Call us to install it for you!  We even carry wifi thermostats.  Program and monitor from your smartphone or tablet.


4) Have your heating/cooling system professionally cleaned, serviced, & safety checked before each season.

Our exclusive Precision Tune-Up insures safe and efficient operation.  For even better protection, check out our Energy Savings Agreements.


5) Check and clean your dryer vent hose every six months.

A clear vent improves dryer performance, increases efficiency, and can prevent a fire.  Do not use vinyl venting materials. Vinyl venting is a fire hazard. Niceley's can take care of all of this for you, or we stock approved venting materials for the DIY'er.

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